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Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam Mattress, 12 Inch Review

Zinus Ultima memory form is one of the top performing mattresses. With memory foam construction, it has great body contouring as well as support. This 12 inches mattress is highly reliable for most people. The revolutionized BioFoam helps to cut problems associated with traditional foam. Mattress. To help you understand this mattress, below is our comprehensive analysis.



Sleeping on this mattress provides the best feeling. There is no overheating or a wet feeling due to sweating. The knitted jacquard cover allows all sleepers enjoy cool and refreshing nights.

Beneath the cover are the three layers that work hand in hand to offers excellent satisfaction.

Top layer –memory foam

The top layer is the most amazing in this mattress. It has the softest feeling to soothe and relieve the body. The layer is 3 inches which enable the body to feel great hugging. Although the layer is soft, it contours correctly to the body, without hard spots. Therefore, no one will suffer from excessive pressure when sleeping.

Middle layer – Comfort foam

This is the second layer from the top in this mattress. With a thickness of 3 inches, it acts as support as well as body contouring layer. Tasked with pressure relieving design, it brings perfect body pressure relieving. Additionally, it is a great transition zone from the top and base layer. Enhanced with the ability to allow air circulation, every sleeper is now safe from hot nights.

Base layer –High-density support foam

Giving this mattress shape and overall support is the heavy-duty base layer. Unlike the other 2 layers, this one is sturdy and firm. This layer is essential in protecting mattress against collapsing due to weight. Unlike other layers, this measures 6 inches. With such thickness, it means one can easily enjoy superb sleeping.



The firmness of any mattress is vital and correlates to overall body support. With this mattress, it offers balanced support to different sleepers. In a firmness scale running from 1 to 10, this mattress rated 6 out of 10. This means it falls under the medium firm category which suitable for different sleepers. With proper support, it can be used by combination sleepers, back sleepers and people with back complications.


Finding people confusing between the feel and firmness is common. Feel is how you perceive a mattress when you place a palm on the surface. For this mattresses, it has one of the best feelings for diverse sleepers. With a plush Biofoam treated with natural oil, it keeps your skin feeling awesome. Generally, this mattress feels soft and has remarkable body contouring.

Heat retention

Another great feature is the ability of a mattress to facilitate natural body cooling. Some of the mattresses can turn to be a nightmare. This because of construction flaws that make them retain heat. But, once you have this one by Zinus, it eliminates heat retention. The main reason is that it has an efficient cover that helps to reduce heat. Additionally, the top and middle layers are enabled with smooth air flow. As a result, the mattress provides exceptional heat diffusion. However, comparing this mattress with innerspring, heat retention is a bit higher.


The essence of every mattress is to provide better sleep and high comfort. Having this one for your bed ensures you can enjoy improved comfort. The 3 layers combine to deliver great body-hugging. Due to the plush design, body experiences improved hugging and contoured compared to traditional memory foams.

Edge support

People will always spend a few minutes sitting at the edge of a bed. Therefore, supportive mattress always ensures you can enjoy great edge support without damaging the structure. With this foam mattress, it provides considerable support at the edges. Although it’s made of memory foam, it has proper body contouring which reduces whole mattress motion.

Therefore, even when spending a few minutes before sleeping, or after waking up, it won’t affect your mattress. The broad base layer of solid foam gives the mattress high firmness hence good for edge sitters.

Motion transfer

Sleeping with your partner on this mattress proves comfortable than traditional foams. It has high responsiveness in the personal position. However, the motion transfer is significantly reduced. The foundation layer offers a stable surface that ensures there is no sinkages. With less sinking, it means once turning, the other person won’t get disturbed. Additionally, less motion ensures sleepers don’t cluster at the center. The motion transfer is satisfactory, especially for couples.

Ideal sleeping positions

Taking into considerations this mattress is medium firm with plush feeling, it supports various sleeping styles. The blended layers offer perfect hugging for people with back pains. Therefore, with great contouring, it helps in aligning your spine. On the other hand, light sleepers get ideal support and soothing without health issues. Above all, the mattress is right for light and back sleepers.


The mattress comes packed in a box. Therefore, as with other new mattresses, it requires degassing to eliminate any odor. Unlike latex mattresses, has no strong odor problem. However, it comes with a light new car chemical smell which fades away in a day.


Q: Does it suffer from body impressions or denting?

A: No, the memory effect ensures the mattress remains uniform throughout

Q: Will this mattress cause heated nights?

A: It has an enhanced airflow to keep all nights cool

Q: How long does it take to flatten after opening?

A: It takes between 48 and 72 hours to decompress fully


  • The mattress has reduced plastic and latex smell
  • Safe and comfortable BioFoam to keep bed fresh
  • CertPUR certified to guarantee exceptional safety
  • Ideal for different sleepers
  • Active  charcoals help in   odor absorption


  • Some cover shed tiny fiber particles

Available sizes

Twin XL Twins Full Short Queen Queen King  Cal King


Zinus Ultima comes with 10-years warranty


Sleeping to satisfaction requires a high-quality mattress. This Zinus Ultima comfort memory foam is one of the perfect choices for back and combination sleepers. Also, with a luxurious feeling, it serves many sleepers with exceptional results

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