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Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress Review

Zinus 12 inches green tea memory foam mattress brings all the best sleeping experience. The exceptionally engineered mattress is created to ensure everyone sleeps and get an awesome feeling. Boasting 4 layers, they ensure the mattress provides durability and great body contouring. Unlike the other noisy mattress, this one is soft and quiet hence peaceful nights always.

The mattress comprises if different natural materials that give it high performance. Active charcoal, green tea extract, and natural oils replace the smelly traditional foam. Above all, the CertiPUR-US certification offers great confidence about safety to sleepers. To make advised decision, below is a full review of Zinus 12 inch memory foam green tea mattress.


Fantastic construction and materials used give this mattress excellent performance. This guarantee users unmatched experience and safety. It has 12 inches and 4 layers of different qualities to perfect performance.


Regardless of how comfortable mattress, the cover plays a vital role. That is why Zinus have invested a lot in making skin friendly and classic mattress cover the knitting involves jacquard fabrics. They are efficient in keeping the body cool and free from excessive sweating. This allows sleepers to enjoy all the time on this mattress.

1st/top layer – memory foam

The topmost layer also called memory foam is 3 inches thick. It is made from the softest memory foam. This gives it the ability to give body soft feeling. Layer cushions the body from the effects of lower firm layers that support the mattress. With a soft and soothing atmosphere, it provides the bed with its medium feel nature.

2nd layer – Comfort layer

The second layer also known as comfort is 2 inches thick. Acting as a transition layer, it provides a firmer structure that offers body some support. It’s the support that gives the body the ability to enjoy a balanced feeling. The layer also has an enormous task of ensuring there is free air flow from the lower to top layer.

3rd layer – High-density foam

In the third layer, it consists of high density 3.5 inches memory foam. It’s this layer that offers this mattress some support and shape. Additionally, the egg tray design is classic in facilitating complete mattress aeration. Besides keeping the bed fresh, aerations are good for regulating temperature. Consequently, the mattress doesn’t feel hot when asleep.

4th /base layer – high-density base support foam

This is the bottom-most layer measuring 3.5-inch thick. Unlike the upper layers, this has dense foam that is resistant to collapsing due to weight. Therefore it holds the mattress in shape. Besides, the egg tray shape is fantastic in keeping the bed cool. Whether summer or winter, there is no discomforts due to heating up like other mattresses.



For the proper body-hugging and comfort, firmness is the first quality to check. This green tea memory foam mattress is rated as medium soft in firmness scale. In fact, rated 4 out of 10, it has an excellent feeling for light sleepers. On the other hand, side sleepers will take full advantage of this mattress. However, for heavy people, they will experience more sinkage hence spine misalignment. This can result in discomforts and back pains.


By placing your palm on this mattress, it feels plush. You don’t need to exert a lot of pressure to experience slight sinking. The upper layer provides a moderate soft feeling which is soothing. Besides the soft layer, the jacquard cover is awesome in giving skin a cool massage feeling.

Heat retention

Heat retention is a big problem with memory foam mattresses. Since they have less ventilation, heat tends to get trapped in the cells. But, to solve this, this mattress has egg tray cells that allow air circulation. This implies that when asleep, there is no heat buildup since there is constant heat flow. Additionally, with no trapped air inside the foam, it guarantees cool nights. As you warm the mattress, the ventilation let’s cool air take away the heat leaving your body feeling awesome.


The comfort is fantastic. The plush nature ensures it can support people without causing body aches. Especially, the soft plush layer reduces sores and other discomforts. Additionally, the efficient cooling brings superb cooling; hence there is no heating. Besides the physical comfort, the foam used is treated with natural oil to eliminate odors. Also, green tea extract give sleepers’ fresh scent while charcoal offers smell absorption.

Edge support

The edge support in this mattress is not as good as you can get from others. Bearing in mind, it has medium soft firmness; support is greatly reduced. Therefore, for people who love to relax a few minutes on the edges, this is not the best. However, we can rate the edge support as average and will differ depending on the sleeper weight.

Motion transfer

Motion isolation is one of the top concern especially for people sharing beds. Having this mattress eliminates motion transfers. Therefore, when the other sleeper is turning or moving out of the bed, there are no mattress movements. Despite the soft feel, the mattress has negligible motion transfer.

Supported sleeping positions

Without a doubt, this mattress is ideal for lightweight people. With its plush structure, it is perfect for light sleepers. On the other hand, it perfectly fits side sleepers. Also, for couples, it’s a good mattress to put in your bed. For heavy, back, and stomach sleepers, this mattress has less support hence can lead to discomforts.


Normally, most of the mattresses experience foam smell. But, Zinus green tea memory foam solves this problem. With green tea infusion, activated charcoal, and natural oils, it creates a fresh smell. However, there is a slight foam smell on opening that fades away when unpacked. On the other hand, the mattress takes 48 hours to decompress.


Q: Does this mattress come with a box spring?

A: No box spring is purchased separately

Q: Is the mattress good for heavy people?

A: It will work for a while, but its best for light sleepers

Q: What is the mattress cover made of?

A: the cover is made of knitted jacquard fabrics


  • The mattress has no foam smell
  • Feels plush for exceptional comfort
  • Certified and free from toxic materials
  • Doesn’t develop indentation due to same spot sleeping


  • Not a good option for heavy people

Available sizes

Twin Twin XL Full Short Queen Queen King Cal King

For warranty and shipment check on Amazon


In conclusion, 12-inch Zinus green tea foam mattress is a good choice for great sleep experience. With a variety of exceptional features, it revolutionizes every bed. Therefore, if there is somebody  looking to have a fine sleep, we can guarantee this mattress is a thumb up change.

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