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Top 7 Best Throw Pillows Reviews

Throw pillows are used for decoration and practical purposes. They are usually placed on chairs, armchairs and also in beds. Most people using these pillows use them for aesthetic as well as support. Getting a dream cushion is one of the ways to improve house décor as well as comfort.

There are different styles and sizes when it comes to these decorative pillows. But, having the right one to cater for comfort and decoration can be mind twisting. The list below offer best throw pillows comprehensively and professionally reviewed.

1. Foamily Premium Hypoallergenic Stuffer Pillow Insert Sham Square Form Polyester

A plushy experience starts with a premium cushioning. Foamily hypoallergenic stuffer pillow is one of the best options for home, offices, and others. Whether you like decorating sofas or adding beauty, these pillows are the ideal options. The fluffy and balanced stuffing make the cushion excellent in support. By this, every user can enjoy hours of relaxation without pressure accumulation. The availability of these pillows in different sizes allows everyone to get their best pick. Also, it is possible to have the right one depending on the chair size.

 Unlike some of the pillows, these are skin friendly. Created with hypoallergenic materials, they are suitable for people with sensitive skins. Amazingly, the pillow inserts are created from premium fiber filling. The same to the cover which offers user great comfort and body soothing. There are no more mites, dust, mildew and old menace since the cushions have high resistance. With a universal application, they are pillows worth considering for everyone.

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  • Universal application
  • Suitable for different body areas support
  • High grade sourced fibers
  • Available in various sizes

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  • Some feel less filled

2. Acanva Hypoallergenic Square Pillow Insert Form Cushion

There is a need to give your house or office a new look without complex processes. One way to ensure you achieve it is by getting decorative throw pillows. The Acanva is one of the makers of these cushions are tasked with the ability to change the house appearance. Relaxing and using these pillows to support your body brings a revitalizing feeling.

They are stuffed by professionals to create a plushy feeling. Thus, most people find them ideal for enjoying lumbar and back support. The square design is perfect since you can use the pillow in any orientation. Also, they can fit different chairs without the need to remove the stuffing materials.

The filling materials include 100% polyester microfibers. They are safe and plush which keep pillow without flattening. Notably, the cover has a high thread count and have a stylish trimming. As a result, the cushions are superior and highly reliable to keep everyone comfortable. They measure 20 x 20 inches, which is ideal for proper support.

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  • High thread count covers
  • Top quality microfiber insert
  • Modern and stylish designing
  • Hypoallergenic and fit for all skins
  • Larger than other pillows

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  • Available on a single color

3. Pillow Perfect Multicolored Floral Rectangle Toss Pillows

Pillow perfect makes excellent and comfortable pillows ideal for indoors and outdoors. These multicolored rectangle toss pillows are some of the top choices to that soothe mind and body. The cushions don’t let user experience discomforts due to sweat accumulation. Instead, they are polyester filled as well as cover that allows fast moisture escape. On the other hand, they are created from fade and weather damage resistant materials. This allows them to be correctly be utilized outdoors and indoors. The unique feature lets people enjoy seamless relaxation without worrying weather damage to the pillows.

There is an excellent fitting to all furniture due to the brilliant creation. Edges are trimmed and have matching fabrics and cord to enable a perfect fit. Cleaning these cushions takes least efforts and time since they only need cool water and mild detergent. Apart from caring fabrics, hand washing ensures the floral decorations remains vibrant. Handcrafting of these pillows make them durable and reliable. Measuring 18.5×11.5 inches, they are large to keep large body areas supported.

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  • High-quality handcrafting
  • Good for indoors and outdoors
  • East to care and clean
  • Soft polyester fiber stuffing
  • Attractive multicolored floral decorations

Thumb down

  • Pillows not machine washable

4. IZO All Supply Hypoallergenic Polyester Decorative Pillows High Loft Throw Pillows

Giving your bed or Seats a new sensation is easy nowadays. All you need to invest in is premium throw pillows. These by IZo all supply are one of the advisable products to add in your home. They are super comfortable cushions made from clean and safe materials. Lightweight and design soothing nature keep body well supported. The interior is filled with top quality polyester which significantly reduces overall weight. Additionally, the materials have high airflow which enables a relaxed feeling when relaxing.

There is an excellent versatility when using these pillows. They are suited for bed, floor, chairs and other places you might think. Boasting a medium size construction, they measure 18×18 inches which provide ample surface. Offering a fuzzy feeling, even when used in hard places, they provide ample cushioning. Besides cushioning, these pillows are fantastic to add great décor. Especially, for living rooms, dining, and restrooms, they bring a revitalizing feeling.

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  • Compact, light and easy to transport
  • Efficient airflow for smooth cooling
  • Non-allergenic stuffing and cover materials
  • Good for multiple applications

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  • Materials are thinner than in rivals
  • Corner edges have little or no filling materials

5. Phantoscope Throw Pillow Inserts Hypoallergenic Form Sham Stuffer

Phantoscope brings a new look and feels to home and offices. With these square throw pillows, they ensure you get the beauty and comfort at the same time. What makes these pillows awesome is they have great engineering and top-notch materials. For instance, the blending of microfiber and polyester creates an unmatchable feeling. There is no worry about the durability of these pillows as they are strongly stitched. This eliminates uncertainty since even under heavy usage, the cushions remain intact.

By eliminating the usage of chemical foams, the pillows have fresh air and don’t create wakeful odors. Therefore whether you suffer from smell allergens, these pillows won’t cause suffering. In fact, the construction ensures they are mite and dust resistant hence maintaining a fantastic experience. Knitting and stitching are professional thereby allowing pillows to accommodate heavyweight. Unlike other decorative pillows, these come vacuum sealed and takes a short time to recover.

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  • Short time recovery after opening
  • Dust and mite resistant
  • Fluffy and don’t flatten easily
  • Expert edge stitching

Thumb down

  • Filling feels a bit cheap

6. Edow Hypoallergenic Down Alternative Polyester Square Form Decorative Pillow

Are you aiming at stepping up the sofa decoration at home? Adding these Edow down alternative square decorative pillows changes everything. They are superbly knitted and stuffed cushions that leaves everyone thrilled. With their square shape, they blend well with different chairs. Amazingly, the filling is from 100% polyester. But, the cover is made from pure cotton that provides soft feeling and blocks excessive sweating. By having soft and reliable cushioning, it means they don’t flatten quickly and last for an extended period.

Cushioning your body with these pillows gives rise to joy and satisfaction. They do not have odors that cause uncomfortable feeling. With a durable cover, it holds pillow in position without risking rapture due to pressure. Additionally, the pillow is machine washable hence keeping it clean is a piece of cake. The user safety is a guarantee since there are no banned materials like phthalates, lead and others.

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  • Free from banned toxic substances
  • Soft and strong cotton cover
  • Hand and machine washable
  • Vacuum sealed clean packaging

Thumb down

  • Cover is prone to wrinkling

7. JWH Handmade 3D Flowers Accent Round Sunflower Decorative Pillowcase

For perfect home decoration, the JWH handmade 3D flower round pillow is a fantastic product. The flower petal designed pillowcase with insert keeps the room looking fantastic. With a cover featuring 100% cotton canvas, it has a perfect sunflower shape. The design boasts extra durability and elegance which are superb qualities. Additionally, 3D design makes it an excellent gift option for everyone. Whether you love it for bedroom, living room or outdoor decorations, this pillow is a jackpot.

For excellent support, it has a Polypropylene Cotton insert. Amazingly, the cover comes with a zipper that enables easy insert removal. Consequently, cleaning the cover is a breeze without complications. The impressive design and top quality artistry ensure the pillow lasts to expectations. There are different trims available which allow users to enjoy their perfect choices.

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  • Sleek sunflower design
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Zipper closure for easy insert fitting
  • Durable cotton canvas cover

Thumb down

  • Feels smaller than indicated


When you want a different looking room, decorative pillows are absolute. It’s evident from these reviewed pillows that they are the solution to comfort and elegance. With different designs, they can deliver beyond expectation results. Therefore, everyone has a chance to enjoy the best looking and comfortable room through throw pillows.

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