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Top 10 Best Power Strips Reviews

Power strips are common encounters in homes, offices, studios, and other places. They save people from installing many wall sockets for every home appliance. Also, these bars are tasked with distributing power conveniently to your appliances and other machines. Since the strips can support a variety of devices, it is vital to get reliable and certified ones. Poor quality power bars can lead to fires and other risks.

To get the right power bar, it is vital to check on the construction and quality. Mostly, the power cord should be able to support the current demand by plugged components. Moreover, always get a strip that can support your equipment. By checking the power rating and amperage helps you to determine the right option. Above all, the power cord length should be long enough to reach your intended location. For best power strips, enjoy our professionally selected products in the list below.

10. Bototek Surge Protector Power Bar with 10 AC Outlets and 4 USB Ports

  • Surge protector keep off surge, spikes, and fluctuations
  • Built in voltage sensing mechanism
  • 10 grounded AC outlets and 4 smart USB charging ports
  • 2 outlets with 2 inches spacing for large adapters
  • 1382 degrees F fire resistant shell
  • FCC, RoHS certified and UL listing
  • Heavy-duty copper cord
  • Mounting holes ease wall fixing

9. KMC 6-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip, 900 Joule, 4’ Cord with Overload Protection

  • Highly reliable 900Joule surge protector
  • Perfectly suited for sensitive equipment
  • 6 power outlets for high convenience
  • Light indicator
  • 15 Amp circuit breaker
  • 4 feet AWG power cord
  • Overload protected to eliminate

8. LOVIN PRODUCT Tower 14 Outlets Power Strip Universal Charging Station

  • Universal usage charging station
  • Humanized design for convenience
  • Lightning proof and efficient against spikes and overloads.
  • Heavy-duty 3000W rated power cord
  • 14 AC outlets and 4 USB ports
  • Stable base and comfortable handle
  • Multiple On/Off switches
  • Fire retardant shell
  • CE and ROHS certified for guaranteed safety

7. Kensington Guardian 6 Outlet, 15’ Cord, Premium Surge Protector

  • High-reliability equipment protection
  • 540 joules surge protection rating
  • Extra-long 15 feet power cord
  • Large room to accommodate large plugging
  • Surge monitoring LED indicator
  • On/Off manually controlled switch

6. GE 6 Outlet Surge Protector, 10 Feet Extension Cord, Power Strip, Flat Plug

  • 6 surge protected outlets
  • Extra-long 10 feet power cord with flat plug
  • 800 joules safety rating with integrated circuit breaker
  • Sealed outlets for increased safety
  • Keyholes enable power strip wall mounting
  • On/Off switch

5. TESSAN Power Strip with 3 USB 3 Outlet, 5 ft Extension Cord Multi-Plug Extender

  • 3 USB power ports for charging phones
  • 3 regular power outputs
  • Manual On/Off switch
  • Short circuit protection
  • Lies flat on the surface
  • 750 degrees Celsius fire resistant
  • 5 feet extension power cord
  • Energy saving design
  • Cruise ship, dorm, and office approved

4. QOLIXM Surge Protector 6 Outlets with 6 Smart USB Charging Ports Plug Strips

  • 6 quick charging USB ports; 2.4 amp with overcharge protection
  • 6 AC outlets suit many home appliances
  • Lighted power switch with 13 amp circuit breaker
  • Fireproof shell construction resist 1382 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Universal compatibility
  • Advance protection from spikes and lightening
  • Long 6 feet top quality cord

3. HOLSEM 12 Outlets Surge Protector Power Strip, 3 Smart USB Charging Ports

  • 6 regular and 6 widely spaces outlets
  • 3 USB ports with having smart IC for fast charging
  • 4000 joules energy rating for maximum protection
  • Surge and overload protection
  • Made of flame retardant material and resist up to 1380 degrees F
  • All round protection; UL and FCC certifies
  • LED light indicates when strip connected and working
  • High-quality 14 AWG copper cables

2. BESTEK Multi Outlets Plug 8-Outlet with 4 USB Charging Ports

  • Heavy-duty construction to last for years
  • Ideal for standard and large adapters plugging
  • QC 3.0 USB ports charge devices 4 times faster
  • High capacity surge protection, rated 900 joules
  • Integrated circuit breaker switch with LED indicator
  • USB ports protection caps
  • Right angles plug keep strip close to the wall
  • Mounting holes allow easy wall attachment

1. Belkin 12-Outlet Pivot-Plug Power Strip Surge Protector with 8 Feet Cord, Joules

  • 8 feet heavy-duty copper cord
  • Space saving 8 rotating outlets
  • 12 surge protected power outlets
  • 4320 joules spike voltage energy rating
  • Damage resistant and noise free operation
  • Supports most of the home appliances
  • Space saving design

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