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Top 10 Best Microfiber Sheets in 2019 Reviews

How many tricks have you ever tried in pursuit of getting a unique sleeping comfort? One of the proven ways is to have microfiber sheets. They are silky smooth, hypo-allergic and robust than other materials. They are designed to be resistant to stain, wrinkles, fading, mite infection and others. Therefore, they are ideal for people with sensitive skins. Besides, they are simple to pack in your backpack as you go out for a vacation. With that, here is a list of top 10 Best microfiber sheets every bed should have.

10. CHATEAU HOME COLLECTION 800-Thread-Count Cotton Sheets & Pillowcases Set

In pursuit of giving you a comfortable sleep experience, Chateau home collection brings you premium microfiber sheets. They feature a sleekly soft design that delivers a perfect combination of luxury and extreme comfort. The product comes as a set that has sheets and pillowcases. With a tailored finish, they boast a tailored look that will surely transform your bedroom décor.

Moreover, the Egyptian cotton sheet features a combination of exquisite colors that makes them elegant. They are among the best microfiber sheets that will allow you to experience the grandeur of five-star royalty. The elasticized fitted sheet features 15-inch deep pockets that enhance proper fit in deep and pillow top mattresses.

9. Danjor Linens 6-Piece Hotel Luxury Soft 1800 Series Premium Bed Sheets Set

If you want to upgrade to the next level sleep style and comfort, you need to have these microfiber sheets. They are luxuriously soft and fashionably designed to ensure your bed gets an alluring look. Well, they are designed with soft microfiber, which is also incredibly durable. Featuring classic Z fold hem using a proprietor weaving treatment, they are durable and do not fade with washing.

Interestingly, this unique fabric is stain resistant, wrinkle resistant, breathable, and hypoallergenic among other myriads of merits. Unlike other microfiber fabrics, this one uses thin and lightweight material that boasts extreme strength. Additionally, it is easy to wash by machines but only with like colors.

8. Mezzati Luxury Bed Sheet Set - Prestige Collection - Soft and Comfortable 1800

Do you want to sleep like a king? This microfiber sheet collection is an ideal way of ensuring satisfying nights. The 1800 Prestige Collection Brushed Microfiber is of top quality. It boasts soft silky touch that soothes you to fall asleep. The breathable and hypoallergenic nature makes it a great choice for allergenic persons. With these microfiber sheets, everyone can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep. Apart from being used in guest rooms, these sheets are also ideal for RV and vacation use. Besides, they are stain free and wrinkle resistant. In addition, they are machine washable thus easy in maintaining their freshness.

7. Utopia Bedding 4-Piece Queen Bed Sheet Set

Are you looking for the best microfiber sheets? Utopia Bedding 4-piece bed sheet is one of the few choices to consider. It comes as a complete set that allows you to dress up your bed elegantly. They feature a plain weave that allows it to coordinate well with the existing décor. Since it comes as a set that features several pieces and colors, you get different aspects in one product. Thus, it is highly affordable than buying single sheets.

Apart from saving your dollars, this package contains extraordinary sheets. They use unique microfiber cotton material. The material is wrinkle free, stain free, allergy free and incredibly breathable. Moreover, they are super lightweight making them great when on the go.

6. CGK Unlimited Queen Size Sheet Set

This is another classic example of top rated microfiber sheets. If you’re looking for superb comfort and perfect sleep comfort, this is a perfect product to own. The pack contains 6 sheets of different sizes and colors. These sheets include Fitted Sheet (60″x 80″)e 4 Pillow Cases (9.5″x 30″) and Flat Sheet (90″x 102″. thus, it is a complete package that will change the attractiveness’ of your bed plus the style and sleep comfort you experience. The sheets also provide a guarantee on health safety. Besides, they are breathable and hypoallergenic. Also, the material is incredibly soft and durable. It is wrinkle free and does not age easily.

5. Nestl Bedding 4 Piece Sheet Set

 Among other impressive features, these sheets feature deep pocket design. The design comes with various benefits, which include perfect fitting. The sheets can fit 14 and 16-inch size mattresses. In addition, they are awesome for using with foam mattresses, toppers, and pads. It features an elastic hem all around. This ensures a perfect fit eliminating any possibilities for wrinkle formation. They boast hotel quality since they are made using premium quality microfiber material. The fact that this sheep set is resistant to snagging and piling means that it is pet-friendly and lasts for long. Moreover, the sheets come in vibrant colors.

4. AmazonBasics Navy Blue Microfiber Sheet Set

These AmazonBasics sheets are some of the ways to enjoy most comfortable nights. They are highly quilted microfiber sheets that keep your body experiencing outstanding soothe. The polyester microfiber fabrics are super soft and plush, hence a great way to enhance your bed. With the ability to improve breathability, the sheets ensure you don’t suffer from overheating. Apart from the cool nights, the sheets are of premium quality, which increases durability.

Designed to fit in your mattress perfectly, the sheets are flexible which means you can easily install and remove. Amazingly, they are ideal for mattresses that are 16 inches deep. The textile is made under OEKO-TEX standards that ensure it is Eco-friendly. Above all, keeping these sheets clean is simple as they are machine washable.

3. HC Collection HOTEL Luxury Bed Sheets Set- Platinum 1800 Series

After a long days work, you need a satisfying night’s sleep. However, you won’t get it unless you invest the top quality microfiber sheets. There is a reason why to choose a microfiber sheet. The HC collection microfiber sheets are among the most affordable and deliver impressive comfort. They feature top-notch construction since they are made using Double Brushed Microfiber.

The expertly tailored design adds a new style and sophistication to your bedroom. Moreover, they are easy to wash and dirt proof. With their hypoallergenic and breathable nature, these sheets are perfect for anyone looking for luxurious sleep comfort.

2. Sweet Home Collection Bed Sheet Set, Queen, White -4-Pieces

If you’re used to a satisfying sleep at home, you need to enjoy the same still when traveling. Therefore, you must invest in one of the best microfiber bed sheets. As the products name clearly states it, the Sweet Home collection bedding sheets will ensure you enjoy the same high-quality sleep. It is expertly designed and comes in a set that encompasses embroidered pillowcases. They are deep pocket fitted sheets and double brushed bed sheets.

The sheets fit mattresses, which are up to 16 inches deep. With high flexibility all round design, sheets fit perfectly which offers smooth bedding that invites you to sleep. Moreover, the collection features vibrant colors that overwhelmingly improve your bedroom décor.

1. Mellanni Bed Sheet Brushed Microfiber Bedding Sheets

Sometimes you tend to sleep for long hours, and you wake up in the morning feeling dizzy. You don’t need to investigate more the root cause of your problems. You need to invest in Mellani Bed sheets and experience the difference. They feature an innovative design that is silky soft and extra smooth. They are great for guestrooms, kid’s room, RV and bedroom.

Besides, the sheets are made of premium quality brushed microfiber material. Also, the fabulous selection of colors makes the room full of glamour. The sheets feature elastic sides to ensure a secure and adjustable fit on all mattresses. Moreover, the material of construction is resistant to fading, shrinking, staining and wrinkles.


You will not face any more hassles trying to figure out the best bedding sheets. The review above demonstrated that the microfiber sheets are unbeatable. As you have seen, various brands of microfiber sheets offer unique qualities and disparities in terms of cots. All you need is to have your preferred bed sheets of choice. Once you do that, your night’s sleep experience will never be the same again.

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