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Top 10 Best Leggings for Women in 2019 Reviews

Leggings are stylish and elegant looking part of the clothing. They are popular especially among women and have replaced in tights. Usually, they are used for casual occasions. In addition, leggings are great parts for yoga and other workouts. Having the right leggings always ensure comfort. Often, leggings for women come in different styles. Therefore, regardless of size, there is a superb choice for everyone. To get the best leggings for women in 2019, check our highly rated selection below. 

10. LMB Extra Soft Capri High Waist Leggings

Getting a comfortable and stylish feeling starts with a good pair of leggings. The LMB soft Capri high waist leggings are created to deliver perfect looking women. They are high waist meaning more support even on your tummy area. With their stretching ability, they are comfortable for different sized women. The versatile nature ensures you can wear in gym, studio and other places. Besides the comfortable wearing, the leggings help in keeping excellent body shape. 

Unlike other wears, these are superb even for office use. With a combination of different fabrics, they are providing excellent breathability. Due to this, they are good option wears for hot and cold days. Depending on your favorite trim, LMB provides numerous colors of choice. In fact, there are 20 trims available hence ideal for most women.  

9. No nonsense Denim Leggings for Women with Pockets

The No Nonsense denim leggings, they allow you to create a great style. They are classic wears that every woman can wear. The construction is ideal featuring 78% cotton, 19% polyester, and 3% spandex. This gives these wears excellent comfort. In fact, they have exceptional body comfort. Uniquely, these denim leggings come with pockets. Therefore, they are ideal for versatile wears.  

Apart from the premium fabrics, the stitching is outstanding. Especially, the topstitching in pockets adds a sleek look when wearing. Unlike cheap leggings, these retain shape and color even after long time usage. To ease cleaning, they are machine washable without damaging the fabrics. They are essentials that every woman should add to their wardrobe.  

8. Yogalicious High Waist Ultra-Soft Lightweight Leggings

Like the name, Yogalicious lightweight leggings are perfect for yoga. Besides, they are exceptional for other training. They are stretchy, comfortable and stylish. The exceptional style and comfort make these bodywear superb for different people. Although they are designed for training, they are stylish and ready to make every woman rock. With a blend of spandex and polyester and Nude Tech construction, they keep your body dry, cool and cozy. 

Well, forget about the dry feeling leggings that scratch your skin. Wearing these by Yogalicious is lovely. They are extra soft that make them feel like your second layer of skin. Additionally, they are 28 inches long to cover a large part of your legs and waists. This renders them a perfect way to substitute sweatpants. The hidden pockets are good for keeping your items when wearing these leggings.  

7. Leggings Depot Women's Printed Fashion Leggings

Looking stylish requires you to get perfect looking wear. Legging Depots printed leggings are one of the best choices. They are superbly created to suit your occasion. Whether its dance, casual wear, they are excellently suited. Boasting premium fabrics, they keep your skin feeling awesome. In fact, they are great choice for different skins. With an extended high waist, it supports your tummy area for extra comfort. 

Whether women or young girls, they can easily find a fitting pair of leggings. They are available in different waist size and height thus, ideal for different people. The printed style is classic for ensuring every woman can wear her dream choice. With over 20 print designs, they offer broad categories of choice.  

6. 90 Degree by Reflex High Waist Tummy Control Shapewear

The 90 degree by Reflex tummy control shapewear is all every woman want. They are versatile and extra cool looking leggings for casual and training purposes. Crafting these shapewear, they feature some of the best fabrics and knitting technique. This helps to keep the user dry, cool and comfortable. Even for high demanding exercises, you can wear these leggings with no worry. Apart from stretching ability, they have enhanced compression for smashing body shape.  

The high waist design is great options for people with tummies. With their compression ability, they help in shaping your body. Additionally, they come with 4-ways stretch and high moisture wicking ability. This keeps the user skin dry and comfortable. To make the leggings durable, they come with gusset crotch and interlocking seams. Improved waistband increases comfort and helps in tummy control. Above all hidden pockets are classic for keeping personal stuff like Smartphones. 

5. VIV Collection Printed Brushed Buttery Soft Leggings for Women

Nowadays, leggings are one of the top fashions. However, getting an excellent way to add your style can be tricky. VIV collection printed soft leggings are among the top choices to have. They have beautiful prints that improve your overall look. In fact, the butterfly prints are attractive while the brushed texture keeps it soft. The stretchable construction enables perfect body hugging without discomforts.  

With a snug fit, it means people can wear these leggings for various uses. Whether its gym, routine uses, under the dress and others, they are good options always. The comfort extends to the waist as it has a broad band. This band is comfortable and supportive to keep your tummy comfortable. The good thing is now you can have a perfect choice due to different available prints.  

4. CakCton Women’s Fleece High Waist Buttery Stretchy Warm Best Leggings

CakCton fleece high waist warm leggings are the solution to cold winters. They are body shapers as well as warmers hence eliminating the need to wear leg warmers. Additionally, usable on different occasions, they are sleek and highly versatile. Made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, they are great for maintaining skin feeling fantastic. Your skin can breathe; feel comfortable without while retaining the style.  

The interior features fleece lining that is highly comfortable. It gives your skin a soft feeling while improving the wicking ability. The waist is comfortable and offers great tummy comfort. Besides, leggings are efficient in shaping your body without discomforts. Unlike other cheap leggings, these are premium and do not see through. In addition, there is no pilling thus keeping the user comfortable throughout. They are bodywear ideal for all seasons without causing body discomforts. 

3. HUE Women's Wide Waistband Cotton Ultra-Light Legging

The Hue ultra-light leggings are stylish and comfortable for every woman. They are premium and heavy-duty to keep legs warm and comfortable. Unlike the nylon made leggings, these combine a variety of fabrics. It has 54% cotton, 38% rayon and eight lycra spandex. The fabrics blending provide exceptional skin hug and soothing. The stretching design is classic for ensuring you get snug fit without a tight feeling. 

The knitting is outstanding and enjoys premium fabrics without see through. Thereby, they are for people looking to have good leggings for different occasions. The wide non-bidding waist is classic for comfortable wearing. It does not cause a lot of compression hence keeping your body feeling free. Machine washable nature is great for fast cleaning process while color does not fade.  

2. 90 Degree By Reflex Tummy Control High Waist Power Flex Legging

This is another pair best legging for women by 90 Degrees worth having. The multipurpose shapewear offers unmatched body toning and performance. They can be used for normal use, training and even for casual events. The 28 inches long, leggings with raised waits are superb for tummy control. Thereby, even for people cutting weighty, they are a superb way to enjoy comfort. Apart from the broad waistband, the pant has back pockets that add a stylish look. 

Despite the stretching ability, the leggings are classic and have high wicking ability. This helps active women to train without sweat discomforts. To increase the elasticity and compression ability, the knitting comprises various fabrics. Offering style and versatility, these leggings are must-have for every woman. 

1. Leggings Depot -Soft & Slim High Waisted Women Leggings

Are you looking to add some of the best women legging in your wardrobe? It is now possible to have the best of your dream now. Leggings Depot soft and slim leggings are the premium and classic wears. They are opaque and stretchy which allows users to enjoy style everywhere. There is no more embarrassment like with other translucent leggings. Wearing these shapewear ensures your body get perfect shaping.  

There is great freedom when choosing these leggings. They come in different waist sizes hence ideal for different women. Blended polyester and spandex provide butterfly soft comfort. Apart from the versatile waistbands, the leggings are available in 40 trims. Thereby, everyone wan can get the right choice for all events. 


Leggings for women are classic ways to substitute sweat pants. They are highly versatile and comfortable. To get your high-quality leggings, this compilation ensures every woman get their aspirations. 


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