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LUCID 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Medium Feel Review

Lucid is one of the reputable mattress makers for a while now. Producing a variety of mattresses, the company caters for all sleepers. Whether you are back, stomach or combination sleeper, their mattresses are suitable for everyone. Lucid 10 -inch gel memory foam mattress is one of the premium choices. With medium plush feel, it means people can spend hours on this mattress without any discomfort. Looking at this mattress, it has excellent performance that leaves users thrilled.

The mattress is highly supportive and offers contoured body hugging. Measuring 10 inches thick, it keeps sleeper’s body aligned and adequately anchored. Additionally, the gel memory foam is classic in ensuring there real plush feel when sleeping. Moreover, with a cooling effect and efficient ventilation, sleeping hot is now a thing of the last century.


The construction of this mattress is fantastic. It has a premium design which renders it a good option for many sleepers. Amazingly, this 10 inches mattress has 2 layers.


Sleeping on this mattress brings an awesome feeling. Notably, the cover boasts classic fabrics. Unlike the other fabrics that cause discomforts due to excessive sweating, this one relives sleeper from such experience. Knitted from Tencel blended fabrics, it perfectly covers the mattress. Besides, the cover is reliable when it comes to breathability and heat dissipation. Employing a natural mechanism to eliminate sweaty nights, sleeping is comfortable throughout all seasons. Above all, the cover is perfect for keeping mites and bugs out of your mattress.

Top layer – Gel infused cooling memory foam

The upper layer is one of the best things you will love about this mattress. Practically, it features gel infused memory foam. This allow sleepers to experience the coolest nights regardless of the season. Measuring 2.5-inch the layer is soothing. Besides cooling, the layer enjoys top airflow which helps in efficient hot air management. Combining with moisture managing cover, they ensure there is no sleeping hot. Thereby, whether winter or summer, the mattress is a good way to enjoy your relaxation.

Base layer – supportive high-density foam

This layer measures 7.5-inch. It is extra thick and firm to allow the mattress to stay in shape even after years of use. Created with less bounce, the layer offers great feeling without hard spots. On the other hand, the layer is stable to allow people to get proper support without excessive sinkage. Thus, even heavy people can enjoy great support without comfort compromise. Importantly, this supportive enable the mattress to be compatible with different bed frames.



The mattress is medium feel. This means it is for people who want proper support and great body comfort. In the firmness scale, this mattress rates 4 out of 10. This gives it a ranking of medium soft. For high convenience and outstanding feeling, the mattress is ideally suited for lightweight, back, stomach, and combination sleepers. Heavy sleepers will experience excessive sinkage hence straining their body leading to uncomfortable sleeping.


Feel is highly related to firmness. However, there is a slight difference. Some of the mattresses tend to have a significant difference in terms of feel and stiffness. For Lucid gel memory foam mattress, it has a medium plush feel. This gives it the ability to ensure users has the best feeling ever. Additionally, the soft cover and gel foam layer allow users to get the best plush feel.

Heat retention

Traditional foam mattresses tended to retain a  lot of heat. This automatically would cause people to experience discomforts due to unbearable heat. But, this Lucid mattress is changing the norms. With a ventilated layer of cooling gel foam, it keeps bed as cool as possible. The air flow vents are classic in ensuring there is efficient heat dissipation. Additionally, cool nature of gel infusion keeps the body away from heating. Cover, on the other hand, helps to keep sweat away hence efficient in cooling.


If you are asking whether this mattress is going go offer needed comfort, there is no need to doubt. The first thing that makes this mattress comfortable is temperature regulation. The cover is among the first thing that enhances comfort. The fabrics ensure there is excellent heat regulation. Also, the high wicking ability, as well as quick drying, means temperatures remains consistent. Forming a thin layer of air, the cover keeps skin having an exceptional feeling.

Apart from cover, the mattress has professional engineering. The upper layer is efficient in facilitating free air movement. Combination gel infused top layer and ventilation keep air moving freely. This results in a fresh and exciting sleeping surface.

Edge support

People who usually enjoy sitting on the bed edges, this might not be the best option mattress. Bearing in mind the upper layer is soft, it means support at the sides is reduced. Apart from sitting, sleeping on the edges will see this mattress experience more sinkage on the edges than firm versions. Generally, since it has a soft upper layer, support on the sides is less than firm mattresses.

Motion isolation

For people sharing beds, they know how motion transfers matters in every mattress. In general, foam mattresses have better motion isolation compared to spring and hybrid versions. On this one, it has remarkable motion isolation which makes it good for couples. The base layer is responsible for ensuring people sleep without experiencing disturbances. Thereby, even for people who turn a lot, it won’t cause concern to their sleeping partners.

Supported sleeping positions

Lucid gel memory foam mattress is dedicated to different sleepers. Having a medium plush design, it can be of help people who enjoy different sleeping positions. One of the beneficiaries are the stomach and back sleepers. Since it has high body contouring, it brings considerable support. Therefore, it doesn’t exert a lot of pressure on the spine and also provides better stomach support.

Degassing and decompression

On buying this mattress, it comes while packaged in a box. Thereby, it needs to decompress it fully. Amazingly, the mattress has very light almost unnoticeable foam smell that takes a few hours to disappear once opened. On the other hand, it akes up to 36 hours for the mattress to decompress fully.

Bed compatibility

If wondering whether this mattress is ideal for your bed, it has versatile compatibility. It ’s usable on different surfaces like Box springs, platform, slated base, metal grid, and adjustable bases. However, for the best performance and durability, it is advisable to ensure bed slates are not wider than 4 inches.


Q: Does this mattress suffer from body indention?

A: No, even after several years of usage, the mattress is still intact

Q: How is the mattress compatibility with various beds?

A: The compatibility is incredible, you can use it on different surfaces

Q: Is it shipped with a box spring?

A: No, the mattress is shipped alone while packed


  • The mattress supports different sleeping positions without health compromise
  • Its construction ensures minimal chemical smell
  • Exceptional cooling experience for wonderful nights
  • High compatibility with different bed styles


  • Not suited for heavy weighted people

Available sizes

Twin Full Queen King
Twin XL Full XL Short/RV Queen Cal King

For warranty and shipping information, check on Amazon


Lucid 10-Inch gel memory foam brings all the peace of mind in your bedroom. It’s a highly engineered mattress with premium memory form it brings peace of mind and relaxation. With high durability and consistent performance, it’s a mattress to add in every home.

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