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11 Best Magnetic Screen Doors Reviews with a Buying Guide

Screen doors are common in many homes due to their range of functions. They are great installation when you need to keep insects, debris and strong wind away from your house. This allows the door to remain open hence giving your room natural air conditioning. However, these days, magnetic screen doors have proved to be a great development. Unlike the earlier versions, these are fitted with magnets which allow automatic closure.

These doors are available in different styles depending on your door frame of style. Your choice of storm door should be easy to mount as well as perfectly fitting. Besides, usage should be simple. The door should be human as well as pet-friendly. This will ensure easy movement especially for kids as well as pets. To identify the best magnetic screen doors, below we have some of the reviewed and reliable mesh curtains.

Magnetic Screen Doors Buying Guide

If you want to have the best screen door for your home or office use, there is a need to evaluate a variety of qualities. High-quality doors usually have great performance and ensure the interior is safe and free from insects and other unwanted factors.

What is your door size?

One of the vital and first steps in getting a storm door is whether it is going to fit in your door. It is therefore important to look at the dimensions. Each of the screen doors on the market is indicated the compatible doors. Since different home, offices and garages have varying door dimensions, measuring before buying is the surest way. However, for standard sized doors, they are available in 30 to 36 inches. However, for large doors, some manufacturers are allowing people to order customized doors like in garages and other places.

What are the construction materials?

This is an important question you need to answer for the perfect screen door purchase. There are different materials available these days. Some are cheap which means you will not last for long before going to the store. But, some of the materials used today are advanced and give higher reliability even under intense storms. Some of the premium and reliable materials include the fiberglass, polycarbonate since they are strong and have proved to be durable.

 How is the installation process?

To answer this question, you need to determine whether these doors are permanent or temporary. In most cases, magnetic storm doors are temporary since they are mesh constructed from a light mesh. It is this reason that they are designed to be easy to install and mount. In fact, most are mounted using adhesive tapes or Velcro straps. The reason behind this simple installation process is they are mostly used during summers.

Does it prevent insects’ entry?

Some insects like mosquitoes, bugs, and others are bothersome. They are nuisance and increases during hot seasons. With the help of screen doors, it is easy to control them instead of using chemicals or keeping the doors closed. The ability of a mesh door to keep insects depends on the size of the mesh. Therefore, ensure you have a fine door to keep your interior safe from bugs and mosquitoes.

11. Jokyle Reinforced Heavy Duty Mesh French Door Magnetic Screen Doors

Product highlight

  • Fits all doors up to 70 x 80 inches
  • Quick installation
  • Hands-free operation
  • Reinforced heavy-duty mesh
  • Sturdy design, wind resistant
  • Fine mesh keep insects out

The Jokyle heavy duty mesh door is one of the superb ways to keep the interior safe. The door is created by experts to ensure you enjoy cool interior without disturbing insects and bugs. Therefore, you can mount it in the main door as bedrooms doors. The higher thread count makes the door reliable and wind resistant. Also, due to the close knitted design, it is efficient in trapping fine debris.

 Apart from strong design, the mesh has magnets enhanced edges which lets it close automatically. With weighted magnets, there is increased gravity which prevents the door from being blown by strong winds.

With the ability to fit 70” x 80” doors, you can use in houses, offices and garages and others. The installation also is a piece of cake since al mounting accessories are provided. In fact, the Velcro designed edges allow easy fitting and removal when the curtain isn’t in use.

10. Aloudy Magnetic Mesh Screen Door for Doors Up to 36 x 98 Inches

Product highlights

  • Suitable for doors up to 36 x 98 Inches
  • 26 powerful magnets
  • Full frame Velcro attachment
  • One minute installation
  • Innovative quality construction

When you want to keep your door secure from wind and insects, here is the right mesh door to use. The Aloudy magnetic mesh door is a premium product created with perfection in mind. It’s made from high-quality mesh which resists damage by strong winds and sunlight.

The quality construction features in-sewn magnets that are perfect for hands-free closure. Whether its kids or pets, they can cross easily without any hindrance. Due to the 26 powerful magnets, they ensure quick closure and prevent wind from opening the door.

Forget about buying separate installation kits. Once you have this curtain, it is one of the simplest to mount. Enjoying fill frame Velcro, it mounts in a matter of seconds. Additionally, there is versatility since it can fit doors up to 36 x 98 Inches.

9. Mkicesky Fiberglass 72"x80" Magnetic Screen Door for French Doors

Product Highlights

  • Fiberglass mesh construction
  • Handsfree sliding door
  • Sewn-in strong magnets
  • Reinforced magic mounting tape
  • Fits Door Opening Up to 70″x79‘’
  • Good light transmission
  • Non-toxic, odorless and tasteless

Give your living room a nice upgrade and enjoy bothersome free relaxation. This upgraded Mkicesky is high-quality made door curtain to keep interior safe. Created with great light transmission, there is no need to switch on lights during the days. Additionally, the fiberglass mesh is safe, eco-friendly and non-toxic.

When you think about durability, this mesh door is superb. Higher thread count fiberglass is 10 times strong and durable than polyester meshes. Even when placed in a high traffic entry, no more worry since it is tear resistant. For nuisance and harmful insects, this screening mesh perfectly keeps them away.

The edges are reinforced with premium bat magnets that keep the mesh straight. Due to this, there is no additional weight is needed. For a quick and simple fitting, this curtain door come with magic adhesive tape. Above all, the mesh fit doors up to 70″x79‘’.

8. MAGZO Reinforced Fiberglass Mesh Curtain Double Door Curtain

Product highlights

  • Magic stickers hasp design
  • Heavy-duty mesh with excellent ventilation
  • Easy to clean mesh
  • Multiple door compatibility
  • Excellent visibility
  • High wind resistance

If you want to give everyone in the room a smiling face, screen door might be the best choice. Especially, with this Magzo reinforced magnetic door, it creates a good relaxing interior. Allowing free flow of air, it helps to filter out bugs and other insects. Moreover, the ability to resist strong winds ensures there no gusty air movement in the room.

The fiberglass mesh used in the making of this door makes sure there is high reliability. Even when subjected to extreme conditions, it perfectly performs. This is because the materials are strong and durable than regular nylon and polyester.

Depending on the door size, there is a variety of choices available for this screen door. The unique magic hasp loop design ensures there is reliable wind resistance combining with powerful magnets, they consolidate this curtain to prevent being blown by strong winds. Above all, cleaning the mesh is simple and is quick drying.

7. MAGZO 36 x 96 Inches, Reinforced Fiberglass Mesh Entry Door Mesh

Product highlights

  • Allows fresh air and sunshine
  • Filters out insects
  • Durable and excellent transmittance
  • Magic stickers and pin attachment
  • Fits 36 x 96 Inches doors
  • Chemicals free fireproof mesh

Instead of using air condition machines throughout, you can enjoy natural cooling now. It is possible through the use of this Magzo 36 x 96 Inches door fitting mesh. Whether its kitchen doors, entry doors, baby room doors, and other standard doors, it is a great curtain to think about.

By getting this curtain, it is easy to use and install. Available with hook tape, push pins and instructions, it doesn’t need extra tools. They ensure you enjoy quick mounting and removal for storage during winters. The unique hook and loop hasp ensure there is improved wind protection without blowing the panels.

For better vision, the mesh has better transmittance than rivals. This gives it great performance even when used in places with the need for ample natural lighting. The fiberglass materials are sturdy, fireproof and remain in shape despite the change in temperatures.

6. AUGO Self Sealing Heavy-Duty Hands-Free Pet and Kid Friendly Door Mesh

Product highlights

  • Full strip sewn-in magnets
  • Pets and kids friendly
  • Keeps insects and bugs out
  • Heavy-duty mesh design
  • Installed handy snap strap
  • Fits standard doors 36-inch doors
  • Stay open feature

Are you tired of keeping your doors closed due to insects and wind? Don’t do it anymore, all you need is Augo self-sealing door mesh. It’s alone of the practical ways to keep interior free from bugs, debris, and other biting insects. Made with simplicity on the mind, it has handsfree opening and closure. Also, it’s pet and kids friendly thus can move in and out without adult assistance.

The soft feeling polyester mesh is tough and can withstand high wind. It has full-length magnetic enhancements which mean quick closure after passing. No more getting bothered about since the closure is automatic. Additionally, mounting the curtain into your door is simple since it has a simple fixing mechanism.

The full frame Velcro-like design ensures the mesh stays in position without sagging. Measuring 38” x 83” the screen excellently fits 36” x 82” doors. Above all, it’s a lightweight mesh with high airflow for fresh indoors.

5. Homitt Durable Fiberglass Mesh Magnetic Screen Door Curtain Full Frame Hook & Loop

Product highlights

  • Scratch resistant fiberglass mesh
  • Sewn-in invisible 26 magnets
  • Additional 8 pieces of weight sticks
  • Full frame door seal and push up pins
  • Noise-free opening and closure
  • Suited for 36″x82’’ doors

Homitt is one of the reliable makers of door screes. This magic mesh is bringing excellent reliability. It has upgraded design where the mesh is made from fiberglass. This means there is no scratches or tearing like with cheap quality doors. Created for all door up to 36″x82″ it perfectly fits standard doors.

The premium construction renders this mesh more durable than traditional ones. It has invisibly sewn in magnets that keep it locked. To ensure there perfect closure and no wind blow ups, it has an additional 4 sets of sticks. This gives it more reliability than other door curtains.

For perfect installation and keeping this mesh in place, it comes with full frame seal. Also, the push-up pins are excellent in keeping the curtain intact without coming off or sagging. No tools needed to install and its pets and kid-friendly.

4. Homitt Heavy-Duty Mesh Magnetic Screen Door with Full Frame Hook&Loop

Product highlights

  • Hasp design to resist wind blows
  • Heavy-duty mesh design
  • Full frame hook&loop
  • Blocks insects and debris
  • Bottom build weights
  • Automatic magnetic closure

This is another magnetic closure mesh door that is reliable for use in different places. The extensive usage nature ensures the curtain can be used in bedroom, kitchens, offices, balcony doors and others. Besides, the soft mesh is great and ensures there is easy storage. This is unlike the permanent screen doors that are permanently fitted.

Unlike other mesh doors that are only fitted with magnets, this has additional weights. This eliminates chances of being blown away by weight hence allowing insects and debris into the house. To improve the overall reliability, the mesh boasts a hasp design to resist wind effects.

Say goodbye to the unreliable mesh doors that make entry hard for pets and kids. This has easy operation and doesn’t adult supervision when n kid and dogs are entering or leaving the house. Despite the heavy-duty mesh design, it has an excellent performance to support unblocked air and sunlight entry. However, the door is not suitable for installing in metal frames.

3. Sentry Screens Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door, Tough and Durable

Product highlights

  • US military approved
  • High-quality 60g fiberglass material
  • 24 high energy magnets
  • Reinforced edges
  • Complete door covering
  • Dogs and cats friendly

Say no to cheap quality screen doors that leave gaps in the doors. Here is a complete sealing mesh door from Sentry Screens that is trusted by many users. The panels are created to fit perfectly into the frame hence ensuring precise covering. To achieve reliability, it has loop and hook fastener that keep the mesh intact without allowing bugs and insects.

The high-grade construction materials give the mesh superb performance compared to rivals. In fact, the 60g fiberglass is reliable and more durable than 30g traditional polyester fibers. This renders this magnetic door mesh ideal for high traffic doors.

The 24 magnets fitted on this door gives it excellent weight to resist wind actions. It boasts 1400 grams instead of 900g in other curtains. Also, the magnet ate high energy which ensures it sticks together easily and strongly. Available in different sizes, the mesh is ideal different sized doors.

2. iGotTech Full Frame Seal Magnetic Screen Door, 34 x 82-Inch Max

Product highlights

  • 26 sewn-in magnets and reinforced edges
  • Super duty full frame hook and loop
  • Pet-friendly
  • Insect proof mesh
  • Fits doors up to 34 x 82 inch

Keep insects out and let everyone enjoy relaxing indoors. It only calls for this iGotTech mesh door that is designed with all aspects in mind. The ‘bug not invites’ design ensures there are no insects including the nuisance mosquitoes get inside. This helps people to cut chemical use as well as keeping the house fresh.

The stacked 24 magnets are superior and keep the mesh closed despite how strong wind is. Also, the edges are reinforced which ensure the panels never breaks and no gaps. With this, it is possible to enjoy interior living without bugs and other flying debris.

Created for standard doors measuring 34 x 82-Inch these panels are suited for most homes, offices, balconies among others. The loop and hook mile design is classic in ensuring this curtain remains fixed without inconveniences. This means the entire mesh has loop& loop reinforcement to keep it in perfect shape and fit.

1. Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Door Curtain

Product highlights

  • Instant installation process
  • Hands-free entry
  • Maximum airflow
  • 26 magnets for instant closure
  • Multifunctional design

 Get your door a multifunctional screen mesh and enjoy insect free and free airflow. The Flux Phenom is one of the best bug screens to install in your doors. Enjoying the ability to fit 38 x 82-Inch doors, its right for most standard entrances for many homes. Due to the adjustable hanging ability, it is easy to enjoy a custom fit without any struggle.

The high power magnets installed in the reinforced edges allow the door to open like magic. In fact, the center is lined with 26 magnets which ensures there easy opening as well as quick auto closure. Therefore once past the door, no looking behind to lock.

For an excellent experience with this mesh, it has multifunctional styling. In fact, it allows perfect insects blocking while allowing maximum airflow. The higher tread mesh construction gives it more power and reliability than other mesh doors available. Versatility in installation makes it one of the best patio screen door and other entry points.


Fitting a door with a magnetic screen door ensures there is smooth movement. Apart from that, the ability to keep insects and other factors out ensures there is great relaxation indoors. With our deep reviews above, you can now shop while enjoying great confidence. Don’t suffer anymore this summer, get a magnetic door mesh.

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